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Raw Bar

Just imagine… You’re on an adventure… Exploring the landscape of Portugal… Hidden in the nook of a small village, you stumble upon a wonderful little Raw Bar, one might say a pearl in that oyster of a town. This gem serves up not only some of the freshest seafood you’ve ever had, but you also discover a wine that tantalizes your tongue. Vinho Verde, one of the most popular white wines from the Portugal region, is a magnificently refreshing, light wine. The word “Verde” means “green”, however the wine name itself translates into “young wine”, released soon after harvest. It has a light effervescence, making it a crisp and enjoyable sipper on this memorable lunch stop during your trip abroad. Back home now, you delightfully reach for a bottle of Raw Bar Vinho Verde, pour a glass, close your eyes, and travel back to that treasured afternoon, on your getaway afar.

Raw Bar Varietals

Raw Bar Vinho Verde

Tasting Notes: crisp, balanced acidity with complex aromatics and flavors of orange blossom, apple, peach and acacia; has a spark of effervescence **COMING SOON**

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Varietal: White Blend